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Coastplan Group Pty Ltd has a strong commitment to quality assurance and recognises its essential role in the success of a project. Adherence to the company's Quality Assurance Policy ensures that Coastplan Group Pty Ltd is able to fulfil its contractual obligations to the client and ensures that all products prepared in-house are thoroughly edited and reviewed prior to release to the client. The Coastplan Group Quality Assurance Policy places an obligation on all Principals, employees and sub-contractors to actively implement the Policy at all times in the area of activity for which they are responsible.


To achieve the aims of Coastplan Group's Quality Assurance Policy, the Principals, employees and sub- contractors of Coastplan Group Pty Ltd focus on meeting the following objectives:

Accountability – that Coastplan Group’s work processes are open and transparent;

Best Practice - that all processes and projects undertaken are subject to adopted Australian industry best practices;

Confidence – that all clients of Coastplan Group Pty Ltd have confidence in the work processes and outcomes of the company;

Consistency – that Coastplan Group Pty Ltd is consistent in the performance of its business;

Efficiency – that there is a continual focus on efficient management, planning and processes to achieve excellence and ensure continuous improvement;

Knowledge Exchange – that the exchange of technical knowledge, skills and information between the Principals, employees and sub-contractors of Coastplan Group Pty Ltd is facilitated and encouraged; and

Training and Development – that opportunities are identified and training regularly undertaken by the Principals, employees and sub-contractors of Coastplan Group Pty Ltd to ensure that improvement and development initiatives are undertaken.

  1. Quality Assurance is provided by Coastplan in accordance with Australian Standard AS 9001 for all work, irrespective of its size or nature.
  2. It is a requirement of our quality system that all products prepared in-house are reviewed by a second Principal prior to final release.
  3. Coastplan Group’s consulting, technical and support employees are university-educated professionals each with a minimum of five (5) years of experience in their field of endeavour.
  4. Coastplan Group’s employees are kept up-to-date through access to training and the latest product information ensuring that the most modern and effective services are available to clients.
  5. Coastplan Group Pty Ltd has preference in sourcing equipment and services from businesses that have defined Quality Control and Quality Assurance policies and procedures in place as standard practice. All sub-contractors engaged by Coastplan Group Pty Ltd are very well respected in their fields and have ample resources to address issues efficiently and effectively.
  6. A commitment to widespread involvement of all Principals, employees and sub-contractors in the quality assurance process and individual responsibility to understand and be committed to this Quality Assurance Policy.
  7. All Principals, employees and sub-contractors are duty bound to recognise a problem or irregularity as a potential problem, and report this to one of the Principals.
  8. Wherever a process or product does not perform to its objective, the first remedy will be to seek out the reason/s for such failure. If this cannot be undertaken by an employee they will indicate this to one of the Principals who will take on such responsibility until the matter is resolved to the point that the process or product is made to perform to meet its performance requirement.
  9. All problems or irregularities are to be documented. This allows for analysis, comparisons and identification of specific and related issues that can both assist to solve the matter and also ensure that the same issue does not arise in the future or that procedures are altered to ensure this outcome.
  10. Coastplan Group Pty Ltd recognises that time is required to ensure quality control is kept at all stages of activity. No employee or sub-contractor will be penalised for legitimately taking time to identify, analyse and rectify problems in any aspect of the operations of Coastplan Group Pty Ltd.

Date: 25 May 2009

Review Date: May 2010
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